Corner Protection


Corner protection 1cm with flaps

Ref. 158 B

120 x 9 x 9 cm

Corner protection to avoid unexpected bumps.
It incorporates flap with perforated strap to screw it to the wall.



Orange, blue, pistachio, green, celestial and red.


Plint protection made of foam coated with leather feel PVC.


Foam according to european directive EN71-3.

Polyester PVC fireproof and non-toxic.


  • Indoor areas.
  • High shock absorption.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Cleaning with soap and water


  1. Place the protection on the right spot.
  2. Fixing the side flanges with screws and plugs.

Corner Protection

Protects children from corner bumps with corner guards and corner protectors. It's exciting when the baby starts crawling and walking. Watching them exploring their world with true interest and wonder is beautiful. However, as the little ones learn to stand and move, they often fall down and have minor accidents.

In Sumo Didactic you will find a great selection of corner protections specifically designed to prevent blows and bruises, with different styles and cuts for your corners and steps, with customizable colors. Within child protection for nurseries and schools, corner protectors often provide a high degree of accident prevention for children.


In Sumo Didactic we innovate year after year with different materials and systems increasing the safety of the students and the tranquility of the educators. Baby and child safety protections can be manufactured and installed to suit the needs of educators and teachers in their centers. Child protection for doors, furniture, columns and walls among others, so they can play and run with total peace of mind. Protects the school floor, or the walls of the nursery, you can also protect doors to prevent finger hooks.

Radiator protections to prevent knocks or corners or protections for columns for interior and exterior are some of the most interesting and effective protection products for babies and children that Sumo makes available.

Customize your order: choose the finish between Touch Leather or PVC Polyester, depending on the finishing material, choose a color from the palette. Choose a motif to decorate, integrating the protection to the decoration of the nursery, school or children's center.

Corner protection 1cm with flaps Corner protection 1cm with flaps 1Corner protection 1cm with flaps 2

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