Ball pools


Folding ball pit

Ref. 104 A

120 x 120 x 40 x 5 cm

Ref. 104 B

200 x 120 x 40 x 5 cm

Ref. 104 C

200 x 200 x 40 x 5 cm

Ball pool with fun colors made of 25 Kg density foam and PVC-coated polyester, with all safety and health guarantees. It can be easily folded for storage.

Recommended number of ball bags according to reference:

  • Ref. 104 A - 3
  • Ref. 104 B - 4
  • Ref. 104 C - 5

PVC Palette

The color shown on the screen may vary from the color of the final product.














Ball pools

At Sumo Didactic you'll find a wide catalog of ball pools that can be customized according to the needs of the school, kindergarten or center. They can be installed in corners, on the wall or individually, and we put at your disposal accessories that can help create a more fun environment, such as stairs and foam slides. With different shapes and sizes, our ball pits are made of 25 kg density foam and PVC coated polyester, with all safety and health guarantees. The materials are made of soft touches, totally suitable for bites, as well as antibacterial.

Ball pools and ball pits produtcs of Sumo Didactic comply with all the European regulations of security and protection.


The elements of Sumo Didactic psychomotor education favour coordination development. They stimulate their imagination and they get familiarized with the composition of volumes and colours. With Sumo elements anything is possible, crawl, balance, slide, move, go up, go down and jump on the different circuits that can be built, forming waves, ramps, stairs...

All with the total safety and guarantee that Sumo Psychomotor products offer. The polyurethane foam used is 25 kg/m3, the most appropriate for a child’s weight, coated with Polyester PVC or Leather Feel and in a wide range of colours.

Folding ball pit Folding ball pit 1

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